Volunteer Information

We value our volunteers and appreciate the contribution they make. Without them we would be unable to achieve much of what we do. Our volunteers are of different gender, age and background and have a range of skills to offer Mission in Action.

Interested in volunteering at Mission in Action but have questions?

If you have a passion for children and a sense of adventure, please don’t hesitate to contact our volunteer coordinator Sandra McLeod for more information or download our Volunteer Information Booklet. Jas

Apply to volunteer at Mission in Action

Please note: Your dates will only be confirmed AFTER you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions, filled in the online application form, submitted all necessary documents and paid your deposit. Terms and Conditions:
  • You must be 18 years old to volunteer with us unless accompanied by a guardian.
  • We have a max stay of 2 months for all volunteers (unless stated otherwise)
  • No smoking, alcohol, drugs or abusive language will be tolerated on the premises. No form of abuse will be tolerated.
  • Management has the right to ask any volunteer to leave if these rules are not abided by.


$250 Australian Dollars Per Week
  • Our mud hut accommodations are very comfortable with electricity, running water, cooking facilities, hot shower and flushing toilet.
  • Your fee includes accommodation only.
Please note: Volunteers are able to do their own laundry using our washing machine. Cooking facilities are provided in your accommodation for you to prepare your own meals. There are supermarkets in town for you to purchase food supplies. Eating out is at an extra cost to you. Terms and Conditions:
  • Upon your dates being approved a $250 AUD non refundable deposit for 1 weeks accommodation is due and payable via credit card or direct deposit. Your balance is due 2 weeks before you are due to arrive in Kenya. *Please note that we are unable to write tax receipts for volunteer deposits.
  • If you decide to leave early, unfortunately you will not be refunded for your fees. We have a limited number of spaces available for volunteers, so all dates arranged and approved with MIA Australian office must be paid for.
  • Airport pick up fee is extra and must be arranged prior to arrival with the Australian office.

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Do I need a Kenyan Visa?

You will need a Kenyan visitors visa before you arrive in Kenya. You have 2 options on how you can get this visa:
  1. You can buy this as you clear customs when you arrive at Nairobi airport for $50 American dollars.
  2. You can organise the visa before you leave by contacting the Kenyan Embassy. You can also have your travel agent arrange this for you for a fee.
The benefit of having your visa before you arrive is you don’t need to wait in line, which can sometimes take up to an hour. On arrival in Kenya you will need to advise the reason for your visit. *DO NOT make note that you are working but just advise that you are on holiday 'visiting' as you require a work visa if you are working. The address of our home for you to note down when you are applying for the visa is: Mission in Action, Kokoto Njoro, Nakuru.  


The airport you need to fly into is 'JOMO Kenyatta International Airport Nairobi' – NBO. If your flight arrives after 4pm you will need to arrange accommodation in Nairobi, as it is unsafe to travel at night. *Please avoid arriving in Nairobi on a Friday or Saturday.  


Sometimes volunteers are able to obtain permission to take extra luggage by contacting the airline that you have booked with. Phone the airline and say that you are going to an orphanage to do volunteer work and that you need extra luggage to donate children's clothing, etc. and then get written permission from them. (Not all airlines cooperate). If you need a letter of support from Mission in Action, please contact us. Make sure you keep your letter of permission with your passport and airline ticket. Before you come, please check the wish list for our current needs.   volunteer 7   


Immunization is entirely up to the individual. Please contact your GP, local Travel Clinic or Travel Agent regarding this.   volunteer 8  


It is difficult to say what to expect a day to be like as it always varies so much. It will depend on the projects we are undertaking at the time you are here. We ask that you fit into the daily routine and make yourself available. You may be rostered in the laundry or the kitchen for the day. Whenever possible we will ask you to accompany us in the community to deliver items or to visit needy people.  You are also welcome to help out in the school. You can read one of our favourite volunteer's online journal here to help you to gain insight into what to expect.   194 peter painting  

What should I bring?

  • We recommend you bring a 'debit card' as you will be able to withdraw money from ATMs in the area.
  • Do not bring Travellers Cheques as you will not be able to cash them. The only money you can convert easily is US dollars.
  • We suggest you bring a small amount of US dollars for when you first arrive (perhaps $60 in $20 notes and the $50USD for the visa at the airport) just in case you require money and the ATMs at the airport are not working.
  • A pair of runners/trainers
  • Flip flops/thongs/crocs/sandals
  • Jeans/cargo pants, 3/4 pants (Long shorts are ok, short shorts are not advisable due to Kenyan culture)
  • T-Shirts/Tank tops (As long as they are not low cut/revealing)
  • Warm jumper for mornings and evenings
  • 2 casual/dressy outfits (for church or some other function) E.g. skirt (knee length is ok) and top, or dress
  • Personal toiletries. You can buy items in Nakuru, but not all the brands.
  • You DO NOT need to bring mosquito nets, towels or bedding. All is supplied.
  volunteer 9  

How can I be contacted?

Once in Kenya, do not worry... you can be contacted! You can bring your laptop/iPad as we have Internet at Mission in Action. We charge a fee of 1000KSH per week to help cover the cost of Internet. There are also cyber cafes in Nakuru town that are VERY cheap. If you have a tri band phone that will work in Europe/UK then it will work here in Kenya (as long as it is not locked to a provider) you can bring your phone and buy a Kenyan sim card. These are approx $2 to purchase. You can text and receive texts very cheaply which is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family.  

Perhaps you would like to come for a day visit?

We often have people request to visit. We welcome visitors, as we have seen on so many occasions, people’s hearts open as they meet our children and see how much our supporters have helped our community in Kenya. Please give us as much notice as possible before you schedule a visit so we can set aside time to show you around.