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communityschoolpic Since our arrival in Nakuru, all our work has supported not just our children at the orphanage, but the entire community in Nakuru. The school is no different. We want to be able to help as many of the needy community children as we can. We offer positions at our school to the most needy families. Public education is not free in Kenya. Students are expected to pay for uniforms, stationery, texts, and even their desk!! This is just not possible for many families in our area so their children go without the opportunity of an education. Once a sponsorship is offered, the lives of these children literally change overnight. They are provided with a quality, private Christian education, along with a hot meal and snack each day.

We employ local Kenyan teachers, giving sustainable jobs and hope to Kenyans who might otherwise have neither. 

We need your support to continue to support these children.  

How much is sponsorship of a community child to come to the MIA School?

$50 AUD per month (full sponsorship) $25 AUD per month (half sponsorship) One child's sponsorship can be shared by two sponsors if you like (
i.e. 2 people paying $25 per month each)
. Sponsorship fees can be paid via credit card, direct deposit or cheque.  

What will your contribution cover for this Child?

School fees provide:
  • MIA school
School bag
Morning tea and lunch
  • All school supplies needed (books, pens etc.)

What will you receive?

Upon sponsoring you will receive:
  • An email with info and a photo of the child and their family that you will be sponsoring
  • A report card at the end of each year with information on how the child is achieving at school
You are welcome to write to your sponsor child throughout the year. We welcome our sponsors to come over and volunteer with us and meet their sponsor child. If you are interested in sponsoring one of the community children, please fill out the sponsor interest form below and we will contact you. Thank you for your interest in helping us to help our children and our community in Nakuru.

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