Sponsor a Child

What does child sponsorship cost?

Sponsorship is $50 per month
  • There are 4 sponsors per child to cover the costs of running our orphanage/ home.
  • School age children will have a 5th sponsor to cover their school fees and all other costs relating to their education.
  • Sponsorship fees can be paid via credit card or direct deposit.

What does sponsorship provide for a child?

  • Covers 100% of all children's needs
  • A loving home environment with caring staff who provide a high standard of care
  • One-on-one care for babies to overcome their traumatic arrival
  • Baby formula & nutritional supplements for infants
  • Three nourishing meals a day for toddlers and children
  • Clothing and essential necessities
  • Health care and supplementary nutrition
  • Excursions into the community so children are regularly integrated into their own culture
  • Participation in Filial / Play Therapy programs to assist with overcoming the emotional trauma of their early lives
  • Attendance at School for children over 4 years of age
  • Opportunity to learn important life skills

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What will the sponsor receive?

  • A yearly update of your child
  • A letter (or painting depending on age) in the post from your sponsor child along with update
  • Email contact throughout the year updating you on Mission in Action's activities (sign up for our mailing list)
  • A reminder when it is your sponsor child's birthday
  • All sponsors are welcome to send emails to their sponsor child.

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Why does our sponsorship program cost more than other international programs?

The answer I expect is that unlike other international organisations that help children through supporting their families and communities, our children are not able to live with families – they have lost their parents or were abandoned. So our program takes care of all their needs in a very direct way – housing, food, clothing, staffing, books, health care and education. We do everything for them – and provide an income for our staff and their families. We use the money very wisely and really try to make every dollar count. We welcome our sponsors to come to Kenya to volunteer with us and meet their sponsor child. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our children, please fill in the sponsor interest form below and we will get in touch with you. Thank you for your interest in helping us to help our children and our community in Nakuru.  

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