Proud Parents!

Proud Parents!

By In Blog On August 3, 2016

The most important thing we do is raising our children. We have always wanted them to become future leaders in their community. Recently our kids showed us that we must be doing something right. They got together and decided that they would give up their lunch, and take it to share with children who are much less fortunate than them. This is definitely one of our proudest parenting moments.   Kids deliver   Kids deliver 2   Kids deliver 3    

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  • Noel & Kate Foule 2 YEARS AGO

    Bless the children, it's wonderful of them to share, but then they have always had that quality of sharing with others , Our love to each and everyone, children , helpers and those closest to them who are guiding them. Grandpa & Grandma xxxxx

  • zeck 10 MONTHS AGO

    The children's actions is a reflection of the parent's. God bless you.

  • Darrelle Salathiel 4 MONTHS AGO

    Just wanting to get a message through to Sophie to wish her a merry Christmas and tell her I think of her every day, her photo is on the fridge. love, Bill and Darrelle Salathiel xx


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